The Blended Bakery – Wedding Style

We were so blessed to be a part of Sarah Pyke and Brett Lind’s special day – their wedding. Sarah knew she wanted her cake to have a Tiffany Blue ombre design, and we were thrilled to be able to give her her dream wedding cake. This was our first official wedding as The Blended Bakery, so nerves were definitely present. DJ started by making her cakes – all five tiers worth!ย As he’s mixing, baking and icing, he is praying over the people he’s baking for. In this case, we were praying for the bride and groom, over their wedding, and over their marriage. Though we are both on our second marriages, we both believe in the covenant of marriage and we do our best to help other couples not fall into the same traps that we did. We pray over all of our customers as we are working on their orders, but we especially pray for brides and grooms.

Wedding Pyke 16

This was the easy part…he then had to make the ombre coloring, and then assemble on the big day! Here was the first tier – not such a big deal. (But look at all those tools we had to bring with us!) Just a couple of touch-ups on the icing.

Wedding Pyke 1

Then came the placement of the next tier… DJ couldn’t see very well to place it, and there was only 1/2″ of space on either side, so the placement needed to be fairly close to center. Did I mention how this engineer-wife tried to tell her baker-husband how he should do the ombre color? Yeah…his way was better. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it was a good thing that I got him the airbrush for his birthday last year!

Wedding Pyke 2

Do you see the little white pearls at the bottom? Yeah…that was the extent of my contribution to the cake. Ha! That, and trying my best to get each tier lined up…which means I’m the one to blame for any leaning!! He added the icing at the bottom of this tier, touched up the ombre coloring, and moved on to tier 3.

Wedding Pyke 3

Looking pretty good so far, but my heart beats a little bit faster with each additional tier. Did I mention that we had all six kids participating at this point as well? Lots of eyes watching and bodies underfoot. They did eventually get asked to move back as I started getting a little bit more nervous.

Wedding Pyke 4

“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

That was the song that was going through my mind after he added the fourth tier. I really wasn’t so sure that this cake wasn’t going to come crashing down and I was so worried we were going to ruin Sarah and Brett’s special day! DJ asked for a step-stool at this point, to get the last tier on. None was to be found, but we found a ladder! But in the end, he decided to just go for it. I think we were all holding our breath as he lifted the fifth tier into place.

Wedding Pyke 5

BIG sigh of relief!! The cake looked phenomenal! DJ added a special touch with the addition of the lights at the base, and then spotlights on the topper. The topper was honestly my favorite part, and we had nothing to do with that. Sarah picked this music box from her grandmother’s collection and knew immediately that she would one day use it as her wedding cake topper. These are the things I LOVE about weddings – the special things that maybe only a few people know about, but the bride and groom and close family knew the sentiment behind it.

Wedding Pyke 9

I had to leave to take DJ’s kids to their mom, so I missed the reactions of the bride (and her mom) to the cake, but DJ said that her mom cried when she saw it. ๐Ÿ™‚ The cake didn’t last long once we started serving it either, and all the comments I heard about it were great. That’s always a relief too – especially since we had been making some adjustments to our vanilla recipe to ensure the best flavor for our customers! Our kids got lots of compliments as well, for apparently being well-mannered (they at least know how to act in public). I think we looked pretty sharp too.

Wedding Pyke 11

Tori kept saying we were twins. ๐Ÿ™‚ We just need to get her a black belt. She even let me braid her hair so that it would stay out of her face. DJ took a minute to get a picture with me too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of Nick with his mohawk.

Wedding Pyke 12

Just before we left, the kids made one more plea to go into the super fun photo booth that Sarah and Brett had set up in the lobby. I found a board that said “I came for the CAKE!” and Nick wrote “Best Cake Everrrr!” on his chalkboard. Tori dressed up with the Dr. Seuss hat for her favorite teacher, Mrs. B. We thought this was a fabulous idea, and left our page in their wedding memories book (loved this idea!!).

Wedding Pyke 13

Sarah and Brett, we were so happy to be just a small part of your special day. We pray for many blessed and memorable days for you in the future. We wish you only the best. Always follow the leading of the Lord,ย and remember – you two are on the same team!