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Choosing the Perfect Cover for Your Lifestyle

Plan your dream life, beginning with the cover that embodies your evolving lifestyle.

picture showing three size planners

The first step to choosing your new Tula Xii Lifestyle Organizer is deciding which size organizer will work best for your lifestyle. That might mean you have different sizes for different areas of your life, too, so don’t feel like you have to stick with one size for everything.

Our organizers come in three sizes – Small (A6 4 x 5.75), Medium, (B6 – 5 x 7), and XL (7 x 9.75). We have a printable guide for you to use to help select the right size for you.

I personally use the small as my wallet, but include the Meal & Grocery insert along with the Well Noted insert. I love having my grocery list so handy and I’m always in need of something to write on, so this works perfectly for me!

The medium is great for a planner on the go as it easily fits into most purses and bags, but gives you a bit more writing space than the small cover. I also use this for my self-care / journaling organizer and will be showcasing that setup in my Chaos Coordinator Community in the month of June.

If you do more of your planning at your desk, you might find the XL to be the size for you. This size does fit into my computer bag just fine, so if you’re an on-the-go worker, it will transport easily, but you might find it a bit bulky to fit into a purse.

These are all things to keep in mind when you are deciding what size is right for you.

It’s totally ok to judge this planner by the cover.

stack of planners With four different styles of covers, there’s sure to be a design that works for you. Let’s chat about the differences between the Classic, Classic Pro, Interchangeable, and Trifolio and Go. The planner stack shown starts with the red Classic on the bottom, then the Interchangeable with the tie dye as the back cover, the Classic Pro in sage, and the Trifolio and Go in Sunflower.

The Classic is my personal favorite and the one that I started with, probably because it holds the most inserts (4-8), and I want to put all the things in my planner, haha. It’s available in all three sizes, and has a stitched spine for a more book-like shape. I have two of these for my business – one is more party and customer oriented, and the other is geared towards planning tasks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rearranged the inserts in each, but I think I’ve finally settled into a system that works for me. I love that about our organizers!

If you like a smaller, more streamlined look, you might prefer the feel of the Classic Pro. While it only holds 2-4 inserts, it’s perfect for your on-the-go planner. This cover is only available in Medium and XL.

The Interchangeable is one of the coolest covers though. With a patent-pending zipper design, you can mix and match your front and back covers for a totally unique planner! Just make sure you select the same size front and back. 😉 This cover is only available in Medium and XL, and holds 4-8 inserts!

If you’re planning to use your cover as a wallet, the Trifolio and Go is the way to go! This cover features a slim fit and a wrap-around cover to keep everything contained! Only available in small.

Are you ready to get started?

small insert with card wallet

Once you’ve settled on the size that you’d like for your cover, you’re well on your way to Step 2 of our 1-2-3 process, choosing your inserts! While I’ll be doing more blog posts about each Lifestyle and the inserts recommended for each, you can go ahead and get started by browsing our site.

I highly recommend that you shop the inserts using the “Inserts by Lifestyle” menu option. This gives you a great start in choosing what inserts might work for the areas of your life that you are trying to organize.

Need more personalized help? No worries! I’m here to help you! Fill out my Personal Shopper form and join our Chaos Coordinator Community for more tips and tricks!!

~ Teresa Stone ~

Independent Brand Ambassador, Tula Xii