Personally Polished

Life in the Stone household is about to get a little crazier. I have decided to become my own boss lady by becoming a Color Street Stylist! I’m sure you’re thinking, “What in the world is that? And why are you adding ONE MORE THING to your plate?!?!” I asked the same things!! Haha!

Let’s start with the WHY!

First, why not? When I looked at the numbers, there was little to no risk for me. It’s a product I like and that I’ll use, and the fee to join as a stylist was less than the retail value of the product received, so even if I never sell a thing, I haven’t lost money. As far as a direct sales company, the commission structure is easy to understand, and you truly are in control of how much or little you earn. I’ve been in direct sales before, and this is a company and product that I feel like I can stand behind. I’m actually really excited about the opportunity.

Second, as DJ and I have built up The Blended Bakery, I’ve been able to see some of my personal strengths and the value that I add to our business. No, I don’t cook much, and I don’t enjoy working on the trolley very much. BUT, I am GREAT at networking and marketing. I have a heart to help others succeed in their own businesses, and I can lead a team working together towards a common goal – building a business.

Third, I don’t think it’s any secret that I have struggled to bond with my stepkids. Time is a precious commodity with them, and with everything we’ve had going on in our lives, it’s usually not me they want to spend time with. But, three of our four girls LOVE doing their nails and they are SO excited about this polish. I’m praying that it will be an opportunity for us to bond and to experience positive memories together.

Fourth, with all the work we’ve put into The Blended Bakery, it has been easy to put myself on the back burner. I miss relationships with the women in my life. I miss connecting with ladies on a personal level, sharing life experiences, and just truly connecting with people. This gives me an opportunity to spend time with my current friends as well as to make new friendships and to build my own community of positive ladies building each other up!

So now let’s talk about the WHAT.

What is Color Street you ask??? Let me tell you.. it is THE best nail polish on the planet! ? And the thing that makes it stand out the most is just how easy it is to apply! ??

Each set contains 16 nail polish strips (100% NAIL POLISH – no vinyl) that come in 8 different sizes. The super simple application requires ZERO ? tools or heat, and because it actual polish (minus the smudging, smell and dry time), it can be removed with regular nail polish remover. ? Y’all…. I am not kidding when I say it is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I was amazed at how good they look! And they last up to two weeks, even with all the dishwashing that I do. Traditional polish lasts maybe a day or two for me before I chip it, if I didn’t smudge it before it dried… this picture is NINE DAYS after the polish was applied!

If you know me, then you know I am #theblendedmama – with six kids in total. Mom to a daughter and son, stepmom to three girls and a boy. My hubby came to the marriage with even more nail polish than I did, and we’ve continued to add to the stash over the years. We have SO many bottles of polish in this house. ?

It creates such a mess, smells up the house and rarely turns out with a positive result. ??‍♀️ But the Color Street polish strips are practically FAIL SAFE and mess free! I look forward to the fun I will have with my girls, their friends and my own friends! ?

‼️BUY 3 PACKS, GET 1 FREE (when ordering directly through the website), FRENCH MANICURES ARE BUY 1, GET 1 FREE‼️

? If you would like a FREE sample, send me an email with your address: ?

? If you would like to browse and shop, click this link: COMING 8/17/2018 ?


Solids: $11

Glitter: $12

Designs: $13

French: $14

*prices subject to tax & shipping (?shipping is $3 no matter the cost of the order and comes with tracking)

✅In addition to buying Color Street, you may want to consider jumping in on the GROUND FLOOR opportunity with our Color Street team! ? This company is JUST OVER a year old and is growing fast! Most of the world ? hasn’t even heard of Color Street yet, so get in early if this is something that sounds fun to you. Your time, your hours, your goals!✅

Ready? Set? Go!

I will be officially signing up on 8/17/2018. I’ve set some pretty big goals for myself, and YOU can help me meet those goals by hosting a party (online or in person), placing a personal order, or taking a few minutes to learn about the business opportunity. You can also join and add members to Personally Polished By Teresa. I even have some incentives for those people who sign up to host parties in my first month, and for those who sign up as a stylist! Those incentives are found exclusively in Personally Polished By Teresa so make sure you join, and add your polish loving Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?? So email me today!

Don’t worry, you’ll still see me with the trolley and I’ll still be promoting The Blended Bakery. You just might notice a little extra bling to my fingers. ??