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5 adorable ideas for names for cats

If you have decided to adopt a cat into your home, you should bear in mind that these are pets that, although many claim to be very independent, love their owners. They are very intelligent animals that are capable of understanding many things if you teach them.

With the approach of Christmas, many households are preparing to add a new member to their family. In addition to consulting a veterinarian about its health, it is essential to know how you will name your kitten.

When naming a kitten, some people take into account whether their cat is sturdy, slender, playful, calm, others even look for a name related to its coat color, the way it walks or a characteristic that defines it more deeply.

You should keep in mind that experts say felines learn short names faster, i.e. names with no more than three syllables. In addition, it’s important to use repetition and ask all family members to call the cat by the name you choose.

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Also keep in mind that if you want to train your cat, the name should not resemble or rhyme with a command or word used in training.

Cat naming options:

Keep in mind that this name will stay with the cat for the rest of its life, so choose one that you think it will like:

  1. Mustafa:

This name comes from Turkish and Arabic. In Muslim culture, it is one of the names by which the Prophet Muhammad is called, meaning “the chosen one.” It is also the name that was borne by four sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

  1. Lancelot:

This is the name of a famous knight from the Arthurian cycle. It is a French name that means “knight’s lance”. Normally, Lancelot is a socialite, but with some moments of loneliness. In other words, he’s a cuddly cat, but likes to have his own space.

  1. Sheldon:

Known for being the name of one of the main characters in the Big Bang Theory series. The meaning of this name is “steep-sided valley”. It also fits social cats who like to explore.

  1. Canelo:

This name is of Spanish origin and is often used for cats with brown or dark fur. Cats with this name tend to be playful and noble. The meaning of this name is somewhat simpler, as it means “cinnamon-colored” or “brown.”

  1. Tristan:

This name is of Celtic origin and means “one who does not show sadness”. This name became popular in the 10th century due to the legend of Tristan and Isolde, a romantic Irish story. Cats with this name are bold and daring, but also very attached to their home.

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