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5 cat personality types, do you know yours?

A study conducted by British scientists commissioned by Natusan, a cat litter company, has revealed that cats have five personality types.

Sociable, bossy, nervous, spontaneous and agreeable – these are the five types that experts identified after interviewing 3,700 cat owners.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the survey found that one in four respondents said their pet had a “pleasant” personality because they were calm and sociable.

Conversely, 22% of respondents said their cat was bossy and somewhat intimidating.

Peter Neville, an animal behaviour expert, explained that understanding your pet’s personality traits is “essential” to understanding your pet and “keeping them healthy”.

5 cat personality types

Here are 5 cat personality types and their characteristics.

1. Extraverted

These are the cats that greet you and meow when you come into the house. They can also be very vocal when they are hungry or want you to attend to their needs. Extroverted cats are usually very vocal and communicative and often get into trouble because they are more curious than usual.

Source : Capture Instagram

In addition, they generally seek attention, and if you don’t give it to them, they can be destructive.

How best to live with an extroverted cat? Make sure they have plenty of toys of different types and textures. You should also play with them a lot and for short periods of time, as they get bored easily.

2. Nervous

Nervous cats tend to be shy, especially when they first meet you, but over time they can become more confident and affectionate.

Those with nervous cats should provide them with “safe spaces” where they can be alone when they need it, such as tunnels or boxes. Ledges and trees are also useful, where they can observe the world from a distance, away from children or other animals that might disturb them.

Source : Capture Instagram

You should not bother these cats with cuddles, but wait until they start to interact on their own, otherwise they will become stressed or anxious. Never disturb them when they are sleeping or resting, especially if they are in their “safe” place.

3. Boss

This type of cat has an assertive, competitive and bossy nature, especially if they live with other cats. It is immediately obvious that they are the leader of the pack. They have a strong presence and can intimidate to get what they want.

If you must bring other pets into the household, introduce them gradually. Initially, keep them in separate rooms and only let them see each other for short periods during the day until they have developed some trust.

Source : Capture Instagram

Experts say that spaying or neutering a bossy cat can reduce its competitive behaviour.

4. Spontaneous

Spontaneous cats are impulsive and energetic, as if they have always been young. The downside is that they sometimes release their energy all at once, which can end in disaster. Or at night they run wild.

So make sure she has plenty of toys and interactive activities during the day to tire her out by evening. Also, if your cat is housebroken (doesn’t go out), it’s a good idea to get her used to walks in a harness so she can release her energy.

5. Pleasant

These are easy-going, sociable and calm cats. Experts point out that these cats are usually the result of good socialization from an early age.

Pleasant cats also get along well with other cats and have a protective attitude towards them. In addition, their behaviour can serve as a role model for a new cat joining the family.

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