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A baby disappears from the garden where he was playing, his dog will become his real hero

There is no greater despair for a mother than to lose sight of her child. And even if parents are aware of it, sometimes it only takes a single second for children to disappear from their sight. And then it’s total stress. But this dog did everything he could to save the boy.

This is indeed what happened to Patricia Drauch. A young mother who was cleaning her garden with her adorable 14-month-old son, Stanley.

The incident occurred in Marcellus, Michigan, USA.

While everything was going well, things suddenly took an unexpected turn. That’s when Patricia decided to get a tool from the garage to finish cleaning up in the backyard.

When Patricia returned, she experienced the worst nightmare any mother would ever want to live through: her son was missing from the yard.

Source : Capture Instagram

It was at that moment, when she realized that the child was not there, that one of the most traumatic experiences of her life began.

Anxiety and uncertainty gripped the mother, who never imagined that her dog would react just in time to save the boy’s life.

Source : Capture Instagram

Thanks to the dog‘s action, the baby’s lungs did not fill with so much water.

Desperate, the mother continued to pray for her baby boy’s safety, saying it was only a matter of seconds before the incident occurred.

After searching tirelessly in every corner of the house, she then witnessed a heartbreaking scene within minutes. Indeed, her little Stanley was floating in the pool.

Source : Capture Instagram

Patricia could only scream in despair at the sight of the boy in the middle of the pool, his eyes white and his lips purple from suffocation.

It was an extremely terrifying moment. In addition, she feared that the incident would cause irreversible damage to the child.

It wasn’t long before Patricia noticed that underneath her son’s floating body was her faithful dog Bear. Indeed, her Labrador retriever who had not hesitated to act to save the baby.

The dog did not hesitate to put his life in danger to save the baby.

So Bear dove into the pool and did his best to keep the baby afloat. Thanks to the dog’s speed and agility, Stanley was able to survive. Bear tried to keep his balance and keep the baby on his back.

Patricia quickly dove in to pull the child out of the pool and transported him to the hospital without further delay.

Fortunately, Stanley and Bear were not seriously injured and are both safe. This beautiful, agile and courageous dog has become the family hero. Of course, everyone honors his incredible action to keep the young boy alive.

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