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A child fought for his life in a sewer, but these 3 stray dogs made it in time

The video, which has been circulating massively on social media, has caused a big stir. It’s about a woman who, against all odds, left her baby to die for several hours in one of the unhealthiest places: a manhole. Luckily, three dogs managed to save him.

Security cameras present at the scene managed to capture the heartbreaking moment when this woman threw the bag into the sewer. Leaving behind the little one she was carrying in her belly.

Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve heard of this type of abandonment. An act that even animals can’t do. On the contrary, it is they who often give real lessons in love.

Except for the five real protagonists, thanks to whom this story ends well, were three stray dogs.

Therefore, the just-born girl herself struggled to live in an unhealthy and dangerous environment.

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The dogs were sent as angels for the little girl.

The amazing pictures of the dogs pulling the child out of the sewer and licking her shocked thousands of people. The brave heroes actually heard the baby’s cries and without hesitation immediately pulled her out of the deadly danger and out of the sewer.

A heroic gesture no one expected from a pack of dogs.

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Officers rushed the child to the hospital, where doctors said it was a miracle he was alive.

The baby weighed just over a kilo

It seems amazing that a woman was able to get rid of her baby girl. Also shocked internet users did not stop commenting on this event, which outraged many.

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“I will simply say: every child deserves a mother, but not every mother deserves a child… Period! “.

This picture of dogs saving a helpless creature is truly heartbreaking.

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