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A dog missing for 8 years immediately recognized its owner, a touching reunion

A dog missing for 8 years immediately recognizes its owner, a touching reunion

The owner of this dog has not seen him for 8 years. He searched for him in every possible way. And the day they met again, the ball of fur immediately recognized its owner. This story is extremely moving.

Dog: A Tragic Story!

Stevie is the proud owner of two dogs named Kawik and Conan. One day he left them outside his house in Scotland to go to the bathroom. However, both pets took advantage of his absence and… ran away.

The owner followed the tracks of both dogs in the neighborhood and finally found out where they disappeared. They broke into a farmer’s property. When Stevie tried to get in, shots rang out. could be heard.

The farmer actually shot at two dogs and missed. Conan was shot and killed on the spot. Kawik also got his share of shots. But luckily the dog only got a scratch!

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The dog thus had the opportunity to run for his life. He ran with the last strength he had left without looking back. Because of this event Kawik was reported missing!

The family has not lost hope!

The family did not stop looking for Kawika. For months, his relatives put up wanted notices with rewards on posters. However, their efforts were in vain as the dog was still nowhere to be found!

They even posted a missing dog article stating where it was last seen. The family also made sure to mention in the release, a phone number in case anyone saw Kawik. Kawik might balk at being called by someone other than his relatives!

It is really important to prevent the dog from getting scared and running away again. The family began to worry about what might happen to Kawik during his disappearance. They thought they had lost Kawik forever.

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However, the family received a very unlikely phone call eight years after the dog disappeared. The call came from Birmingham, 200 miles from Scotland, and the caller saw a dog similar to Kawik. Stevie was overjoyed at the news, he had to drive 4 hours to find him!

Dog: A very upsetting reunion!

As soon as Stevie saw the malnourished dog, he immediately knew it was Kawik. The dog pounced on him! Their reunion was very emotional.

The day after the reunion, Stevie took the dog to the vet, who examined him. Kawik was dehydrated and his weight was well below that of other dogs his size. To fix this, the dog had to go on a diet to gain weight. Its owner described their reunion as a real miracle!

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