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A dog on the verge of death and thrown into a garbage bag regains his zest for life

AMA Animal Rescue volunteers from the United States are still amazed by their discovery. How did this dog fence escape death? However, they found him in critical condition. after the butcher stuffed him in a garbage bag.

This dog is left dead in a garbage bag!

A dog named Nanook was dying in a New York parking lot. “She was alive, but barely,” supported her benefactor Mariah Vlasova. In particular, he is the co-founder of AMA Animal Rescue.

Volunteers from the establishment rushed to the scene to help the dog. When they arrived, the unfortunate animal was malnourished and could hardly move. Very thin, his condition was very worrying.

The volunteers wasted no time in taking the dog to safety at their shelter in Brooklyn. This house welcomes many animals every year. And a significant number of them are accepted to establish the same status as Nanook.

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The police found the dog in the middle of the night between 2 cars. Marija Vlasová still thinks so it’s a miracle that Nanook is still alive. But what about his attacker?

The animal has experienced a terrible ordeal!

According to the doctors, the dog was abused. In addition to being malnourished, she was also confined to a small, bulky space. It’s obvious that someone has caged Nanook when you look closely at his injuries.

The dogs’ leg muscles have severely degraded the shelter’s co-founder told Newsweek. Nanook’s condition is the exact proof of all the misfortunes she has suffered. She faced terrible atrocities and great suffering.

Even the medics noticed big injuries on the legs. They showed huge infected bedsores, proving the dog had been lying motionless on hard ground for a long time.

Despite this unfortunate journey, the dog was always very loving. And Marija Vlasová probably won’t forget it. The other could hardly believe that after so much hardship, Nanook remained very handsome. She was skeptical at first, but gradually began to trust her.

The dog performed an extraordinary reconstruction

It is obvious that the dog was a victim of abuse and neglect. Still, she has shown and amazing resilience especially now that she is in good hands. Nanook is currently in the process of healing and slowly recovering from his injuries. “He needs to be fed, several times a day,” reports Mariya Vlasová.

He said that the adoption procedure will be implemented as soon as the dog is in good condition. But before that, she will be sterilized and vaccinated. The shelter promised to find him a new loving home so she could take control of her life. The police are still looking for his executioner.

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