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A dog saved his owner’s life when he ate his toe in his sleep

The incredible story has gone viral in recent days. A seven-month-old bulldog ate part of his owner’s right big toe while he was sleeping. A gesture that will actually save his life…

The main characters in this incredible story are Dave Lindsay and his bulldog named Harley.

The sixty-four-year-old pensioner fell asleep on the sofa at home. And his dog took the opportunity to get into mischief. The dog saw his sleeping owner and started biting his big toe.

When Dave’s wife arrived at the scene, she discovered a horrifying scene: the dog had bitten off part of the man’s right big toe. You could even see the bone. The wife screamed in horror when she saw all the blood on the ground, “Dave, that puppy is eating your big toe,” she screamed.

Her pet’s bite saved her life.

The pensioner was taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital where he was treated. However, doctors were in doubt. The same as the couple: ‘How come the 64-year-old man didn’t feel the bite?

After tests, he was given antibiotics to prevent the infection caused by the dog bite spreading to his bone. During his hospital stay, doctors performed a CT scan. They found that the pensioner, who suffers from diabetes, had two blocked arteries in his legs.

The reason he didn’t wake up was because of the loss of feeling in his legs. So if he had delayed seeking treatment, they would have had to amputate his leg.

Thanks to his pet bite, doctors were able to detect the problem early. They inserted stents that opened the arteries and allowed blood to flow back into his leg.

The dog saved his life and thanks to this incident, he was able to avoid a more serious situation.

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