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A dog was dragged 500 metres by a tram, its owner filed a complaint

A frightening and unusual accident occurred some time ago in the metropolis of Lyon, more precisely in Bron. A tram was travelling at a speed of about 500 metres without realising that it was being towed by a dog. The owner of the animal filed a complaint after this accident!

The dog was the victim of a terrible accident in the Bron!

It seemed like a normal day until the tragedy occurred. Sasha, a French bulldog, got on a tram at the Bron station. The small dog was accompanying his owner Mathias, a young disabled man. in a wheelchair. !

Sasha and his owner were travelling on the T5 line and the tram stopped at the Jean-Paul Sartre high school stop. At that moment, the young man’s dog… decided to get out. but he didn’t notice. The tram then moved off while Mathias’ pet’s leash got stuck in the closed door!

It took a while for the young man to realise the situation. He told The Progress it was the passengers who alerted him that his dog was outside. Without that warning, who knew how long it would have taken him to realize where his bulldog was?

Faced with the frightening situation the dog was in, the passengers decided to press the tram’s alarm bell. Outside the tram, many cars honked their horns to get the driver to stop the tram. Unfortunately, this failed and the tram stopped at the next stop !

The accident that almost cost Sacha his life!

After about 500 meters the tram stopped and those present immediately went to take care of the dog. The burn marks and numerous injuries on the animal’s body were visible. Miraculously, little Sasha did not lose her life as a result of this unfortunate event!

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Paramedics provided first aid to the animal at the scene. Only then was the dog sent to the emergency room, where it spent a very long time. Little Sasha actually received intensive veterinary care for 2 days in a row !

Although Sasha’s condition improved significantly after her stay in the intensive care unit, she still needs further treatment. Sasha had to be sedated for four weeks. This procedure costs a lot of money, €2000 around!

Mathias wants to save his dog, but the cost of the treatment is quite high. So he wants to be compensated so that he does not have to pay all the costs of the treatment. The young man then decided to file a complaint some time after the accident!

Mathias has filed two complaints about the situation with his dog!

First, Mathias filed a complaint with the Vénissieux, but it was rejected. It was not accepted. The shocked young man didn’t want to insist anymore. But because he loved his dog so much, he could not afford to give up the fight!

Later, he went to the police station in the 8th arrondissement in Lyon and finally managed to file a complaint. This is good news for the young man’s dog. And the investigation, according to colleagues at Le Progrès, is also currently under way at Keolis!

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