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A giant Rottweiler plays with a baby, a sequence that will surprise many (Video)

A rottweiler plays affectionately with the little girl. Today we watched a very tender video that made us smile. Indeed, Jerzy, a huge rottweiler, if he could talk, would boast of having “the best friend ever”.

In this document of a little less than a minute, we see a little girl (a little over a year old) playing carefree on the floor of her house with her dog, a gigantic black rottweiler who seems to want to protect her.

The rottweiler is very affectionate

The little girl demands the dog’s attention by pulling its ears. Also, the animal, far from getting angry or aggressive, literally devours her with kisses. The enormous rottweiler embraces the girl between its legs and gives her several affectionate licks.

She readily accepts “kisses“. Moreover, the rottweiler is so loving that he overwhelms her with affection. The images are beautiful and will certainly be a video that the little girl will remember later.

According to her parents, they have been inseparable since the birth of the little girl and their trust is total. In fact, Jerzy considers the little girl to be his lover, his best friend of all time.

This type of video shows, once again, that the aggressiveness of a dog does not lie in its genes. But in the stimuli he receives from his guardians.

Warning: dogs and children should never be left alone without adult supervision. An adult should always be present at such times to avoid scares.

Strong, muscular, intelligent and dynamic, the Rottweiler is defined as a dog with a loving, yet firm and protective temperament.

Whether you live with your Rottweiler alone or with the rest of the family, it is essential to raise him correctly so that he develops a calm personality. This way, he’ll lose his shyness and won’t be too nervous. And his relationships with the other members of the household will be more pleasant.

Watch the video of this dog with the baby here.

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