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A mare gives birth to a foal, the vet present makes a terrible discovery.

Mrs Johnson loves horses and decided to adopt a mare she named Daisy. She didn’t intend for the horse to breed and produce foals. She just wanted a pet and Daisy met all the criteria she needed! One morning, however, the animal started acting strangely in the barn, just like the others. What happened next was very surprising!

This mare gave birth!

Daisy is a beautiful, gentle black mare who is loved by everyone in town. Mrs. Johnson never expected her to become a mother. And yet, one spring morning, it happened.

When Mrs. Johnson went to visit her mare, she noticed that she was acting… strange in her stall. She seemed uncomfortable, like something was bothering her. Her owner approached the animal for peace of mind.

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Upon closer inspection of the mare, her owner discovered that Daisy was in the process of giving birth. The situation took her by surprise as she had never given birth to a stallion in a stable before. However, her concern at this point turned to the horse, who was apparently suffering from labor pains.

Mrs. Johnson therefore decided to call the local family veterinarian, Dr. Thompson. He was soon on site to assess the situation, which was review. The mare had indeed had a difficult birth.

The culprit is finally revealed!

Dr. Thompson arrived at the farm well equipped. It wasn’t hard for him to tell that the mare was taking too long to give birth. When he checked her, he immediately concluded that Daisy was giving birth to a foal that was presenting in… pelvic end.

That means his paws are the first to appear instead of his head. In a situation like this, a vet always needs an assistant, and that’s what he did. When the other paramedics arrived, they started training the dog. A plan to help the mare.

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Mrs. Johnson learned again about the guilty man who got stuck with his mare. Her security camera showed that her neighbor Philippe’s stallion had actually entered Daisy’s stall. So he was the one who caused his horse to suffer.

Very angry, she rushed to Philipp’s house to ask him for an explanation. Her neighbour knew nothing! But when he looked closely at the video, he saw that the culprit was his daughter.

A very strange foal!

Daisy’s birth was complicated, but after the experience of the vets, she managed to give birth to a beautiful foal. However, this one was not like the others as it had a different appearance. Then Philip’s daughter came along and told the whole story. After confessing to the crime, she explained that her father’s horse was not normal, but special. Specifically, it was a knabstrupper, an endangered species that brings in a lot of money.

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And because the little girl loved her horse, she didn’t want to sell him. So she decided to put him in the stable for a mare and that she would steal him Later she stole the foal on the day he was born. But then she knew her plan would fail. Mrs. Johnson did not report her act to the police, she only asked the girl to leave her property. She then decided to keep the two horses, which are now healthy, on her farm.

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