About Us

We are just two regular people trying to work through this crazy life of a blended family. We have six children collectively, ages 10 – 14, so you can imagine the excitement that goes on in our household. Teresa works full time as a nuclear engineer, and DJ now runs our food truck full time. We knew that bringing two families together to make one big family was going to have its own unique challenges. We looked for resources to help guide us, but came up lacking. We wanted to know how people had done this successfully, coming out on the other side as a bonded family. We are still learning and we are still making mistakes, but we are starting this page to hopefully reach others who are going through this same journey.

The Blended Bakery came about as a secondary part of this vision. It is something that our entire family participates in, whether it is helping at events like our weekly Stop ‘n Shop markets, giving ideas for new offerings for the bakery, or actually helping with the baking, everyone participates on some level. If you see us at events, you’ll often see our children with us. They are as much a part of this business as we are. Hopefully, this will encourage them to find their own dreams and not be afraid to pursue them. It’s teaching us all about hard work and perseverance. It has been a great conversation-starter with our customers about our larger vision for Blended Families. We love our town and we love our community. This is another way for us to be active participants in it, and hopefully to positively influence others.

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