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According to one study, your cat acts like you’re talking to it in a baby tone.

Pets are one of the most important companions of millions of people around the world. Cats and dogs are among the most common animals we choose to live with in our homes.

They spend so much time together that for many, these animals are like “children”. That is why pet owners give them the best care and treat them as such. This tender bond between owner and pet can be reflected in the language we use to communicate with them.

Looking at a cat with a tender, searching gaze. for affection Many people do not hesitate to address it in the most sensitive way possible. They even talk to it as if it were their own. A child. The cat then cautiously approaches the caller and waits for a hand to stroke it. While this practice is as natural and instinctive as it gets, according to a recent study, it’s what you have to do to get a cat’s attention.

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Cats are very curious

Cats are very special pets. They communicate with their surroundings by meowing, purring, rubbing and scratching. However, little is known about how we should communicate to get their attention. That’s why researcher Charlotte de Mouzon from the University of Nanterre in Paris has been studying the phenomenon of feline responses to human communication.

Sixteen cats and their owners took part in the study, which was published in the journal Animal Cognition. All were asked to record five different messages. The first three were to be expressed in a normal tone. The fourth was to be in the soft tone characteristic of baby calls. And finally, the fifth with an inflection common in adult speech.

So, listen to all the news The fourth one caught their attention the most. However This was only true when their owners spoke to their cats in a childish tone. If a foreign voice addressed them in the same way, the animals showed absolute disinterest. “It seems clear that for felines, a soft voice is part of their relationship with their owner, in which they assume that this person is their caregiver.

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