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Amazing rescue of a horse with only its head sticking out of the mud

Firefighters’ activities are not limited to fighting fires or rescuing pets stuck in trees. They can also rescue horses.

In fact, their skills and knowledge are useful not only when people are in danger, but also when animals are in danger.

It is no coincidence that they are the first to arrive at rescue operations.

A good example is the case of the horse buried in a muddy puddle.

When residents saw the animal in distress, they did not hesitate to contact the rescuers. According to some reports, military firefighters went to the scene to assess the emergency.

This happened on April 15, when firefighters rescued the animal. They immediately discovered that it was impossible for the horse to get out of the mud on its own.

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As the shared photos of the horse show, only his front legs emerged a little from the mud.

The rest of his body was stuck in the mud, so it was necessary to intervene urgently to help him. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of the rescuers, the horse was able to get out without further damage.

To get him out, they had to use anchoring techniques and pull him out with the help of another horse. According to firefighters, the horse was not injured and was returned to its owner after such a difficult rescue.

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Share this rescue story with your friends and family. Let them see the great work these officers do with animals.

Some interesting facts about horses

If you don’t know, the horse, along with the dog, is one of the animals that has always been closest to humans. The first interesting fact concerns the horse’s ears and their dual function. Besides listening, they can also express their mood.

In addition, horses drink between 25 and 55 litres of water a day. That’s a lot more than we do, isn’t it? This amount varies, of course, depending on the size and weight of the horse, its activity and location.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. To read more articles like this, we recommend visiting the Animals category.

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