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Amazingly, the cat has a total of 28 toes on its paws

A cat named Paw from Minnesota (USA) won the Guinness record in the category “cat with the most toes”. This adorable cat has three extra toes on each front paw and one extra toe on each back paw.

To the surprise of its owner Jeanne Martinová, this cat had polydactyly. This is a genetic condition in which the number of toes at birth is larger than normal.

However, this special quality did not prevent the Paws from leading a calm and normal life. Jeanne Martinová says that it looks like a “baseball glove”. And the extra toes on his paws help him keep his balance on very narrow surfaces.

When Jeanne takes her cat to the vet to get his claws trimmed, she always reminds him to be careful with his 28 toes. He also says he doesn’t pay extra for the fingers.

On the other hand, this adorable cat loves being petted and belly rubbed, it makes him feel safe and relaxed.

Source : Capture Instagram

Have you counted how many toes your cat has?

A polydactyl cat, also called a six-toed cat, is a cat that was born with more toes than normal. Some polydactyl cats have more than five toes on their front feet. Or, more rarely, more than four toes on the back feet. This phenomenon is common (at least in felines) and is actually caused by a genetic mutation. However, this mutation is not a handicap for the cat. There are opinions that it brings good luck.

Source : Capture Instagram

Extra fingers can be an advantage

Extra fingers can sometimes be a hindrance. Not least because it increases the risk of claw injury. However, having bigger paws has its advantages.

For example, the polydactyl Cravendale cat from Warrington, England, was known for using its four extra toes to pick up toys very quickly and climb trees. Additionally, these toes allow them to better grip treats and help them navigate difficult surfaces such as sand or snow. In addition, polydactyl cats are thought to catch and hold prey more easily when hunting.

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