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An elephant runs up and abruptly interrupts the conversation

Faa Mai is an elephant born in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, where he has lived since birth with his keeper Lek.

Despite being an elephant, Faa Mai’s love and devotion to her keeper is unmistakable. This adorable display of affection was captured in a video that went viral.

The sequence begins with a TV crew interviewing Lek. He talks about his experience and skills in the park. Meanwhile, Faa Mai appears to be hanging out with her pack in the background. In reality, however, he is attentive and alert. He really makes sure that the black-clad strangers don’t hurt his keepers.

What a fun elephant!

Faa Mai ends up losing patience and decides to go to Lek. He leaves his herd and runs to interrupt the conversation to make sure Lek is okay. He lovingly wraps Lek around his torso, demands her attention and orders her to return to him. What a fun elephant!

Source : Capture Instagram

Lek is aware of Faa Mai’s possessive tendencies. The elephant always “hates” it when Lek takes care of someone else. Lek then takes Faa Mai back to her sanctuary. At the same time, he asks the TV crew to interrupt the interview while he takes care of his giant animal.

Faa Mai’s loyalty and love for Lek is evidence of the close bond that can develop between humans and animals. This video is a touching demonstration of the bond and affection that can be shared with these majestic creatures.

Source : Capture Instagram

Elephants: intelligent, empathetic, fascinating and increasingly endangered

Elephants play a key role in their environment. They help maintain the balance of biodiversity in the ecosystems they share with other species. Although they are native to Africa and Asia, elephants have important cultural and symbolic significance around the world.

Adopt, save a life and get a friend. To read more articles like this, we recommend visiting the Animals category.

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