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An injured dolphin asking a diver for help – a unique and touching moment!

The divers were doing their usual diving when the dolphin approached them. At first they were amazed that the animal did not hesitate to approach them. But they were stunned when they learned the reason for its approach. The animal was injured and begged them to help it. A touching moment they will never forget!

Dolphin: An extraordinary and unusual scene!

This amazing story took place in a huge manta ray off the Hawaiian island of Kona. One night, several divers were watching the impressive stingrays when a huge dolphin caught their attention. The animal, noticing their presence, slowly swam towards them.

The animals once again demonstrated their ability to form complex relationships with humans. To attract the attention of the divers, the dolphin began to circle around them. The scene was moving, strange and extraordinary.

The dolphin did not approach the divers out of curiosity or for fun. He went to them to ask for help. But why did he want their help so badly?

In fact, the dolphin was heading straight for the divers for a purpose. He just wanted someone to help him because he was obviously injured. The men couldn’t believe what was unfolding before their eyes.

Amazing moment of rescue!

The dolphin’s beak was injured by the fishing line. The object was stuck between his beak and his left pectoral fin. This prevented him from swimming properly.

Diving instructor Keller Laros finally decided to take action because it was obvious that the dolphin needed help. The diver had to carefully cut the line for several minutes. The animal showed great patience by approaching him while rolling over on its back.

The dolphin positioned itself this way to avoid causing the diver any trouble. The animal had to rise to the surface to breathe oxygen and then dive back to Keller Laros. He eventually removed all the ropes and hooks that held it prisoner.

The diver and the animal only needed a few movements to understand each other. Their connection and cooperation made the whole procedure easier. It is rare to see a dolphin approach a human and ask for a helping hand.

Dolphin: A breathtaking experience!

After the release, the dolphin was very grateful to his rescuer. This scene is an accurate testament to its intelligence and the friendly bond it can easily form with humans. He will not hesitate to return the favor, as he has done many times. For it is common for this creature never to hesitate to lend a helping hand in rescuing survivors from the sea.

It is therefore our duty to help the dolphin in need, as well as other sea creatures that exist. “A breathtaking experience,” is how the divers described this touching find. And they didn’t miss a beat. They recorded everything on video. In any case, it will be hard to forget this adventure!

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