He pays more than 2,000 euros for this dog, but is surprised when he reaches adulthood.

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Pet fraud has become commonplace. Fraudsters often use manipulated photos or videos to deceive potential buyers. Recently, a British couple shared their experience with their dog. It turned out that the dog was not what they expected. Read the full story below! The dog was not a Pomeranian! Recently, a British couple shared their unpleasant … Read more

Do dogs and cats have acne? Find out the answer

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A few days ago, a colleague brought to my attention that one of her cats has acne. A recurring and strange theme. Recurrent because, as experts explain, it is a disease that affects 90% of adolescents and 12% of adults worldwide. And strange because no one would have thought that this disease can also affect … Read more

His dog wows World Cup spectators, steals the show

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His dog wows the audience at the World Cup, stealing the show Elke Boxoen has always been a great lover of animals. She trained with her border collie for more than a year to compete in the FCI World Dog dancing Championships. And their persistence paid off in the end. And the video of the … Read more

Heroic dog saved his owner’s life from a cougar attack

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This heroic dog saved his owner’s life from a violent cougar attack Dogs have repeatedly proven their kindness and loyalty to their owners. Indeed, they will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting their beloved humans. Even to the extent of risking their own lives. This is especially true for this heroic dog. He … Read more

Five animals that fall in love with their partner forever

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Who says love isn’t forever? Wolves, swans, penguins, seahorses? On land, at sea and in the air, animals exemplify fidelity in a couple. If you thought it was just us humans looking for our better half, here are 5 animals that are faithful to their partners. Love is one of the purest and unconditional emotions … Read more

Personality test: how you see a person in profile or from the front reveals your true character

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Personality tests have become very popular in recent years. This is understandable, as they help us discover and learn more about ourselves. In the following test, 2 photos are linked together. The one you instinctively perceive will represent your personality. We all have a part of ourselves that we don’t show to others, a part … Read more

3 special ways cats communicate with you

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What are 3 ways cats communicate with humans? It does so in many different ways. The most common ways include meowing, purring, body language, rubbing, looking, etc. How do cats communicate with people? When it comes to meowing, cats may meow to get food, attention, or to communicate their mood. Meowing A cat’s meow can … Read more