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« Balotelli was unbearable »: defender ditches mask after leaving Serie A

In his usual appointment on Dazn, the defender who left the Serie A last summer expressed himself without filter on Mario Balotelli: “He was unbearable”, he explained

Since he became a professional footballer, he has always been talked about, and not only for his goals. Balotelli is an authentic protagonist of Italian soccer, although very often (perhaps too often) prey to criticism and attacks of all kinds. He has always followed his own path, without making drama. He could have had a career as a genuine star, but with the exception of important brackets with Manchester City, Inter Milan and the national team, he has almost always played in teams below his level.

Even today, at the age of 32, Super Mario Il travels the world in search of balance. He left Turkey to be closer to his daughter Pia: today he plays for Sion. But even in Switzerland, people are already talking about his possible farewell. In short, a character like no other, which Mimmo remembered. Criscito in the column of Dazn « Toronto, little Italy » where he and Lorenzo Insigne (who moved to Canada last summer) tell their story in a series of interviews.

Criscito and Insigne, « the truth » about Mario Balotelli and his « passion » for the shins of others

Criscito in a Genoa jersey (LaPresse)

The former Genoa defender spoke about Balotelli himself, recalling that “Mario was unbearable,” he said. With a touch of irony, but speaking of him with affection, Criscito stressed the complex character of the striker. He had a kind of “passion for the shins of others”, in reference to the very hard interventions of Balotelli, even in training. Criscito and Insignewho shared many experiences with the former Inter and AC Milan striker. National teamwhile together they have never played in club teams. However, it is also stressed that apart from the smoking character, Balotelli Off the field is a warm and witty person, although it is often difficult to contain his decidedly lively and unpredictable temperament.

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