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Cats know that a human is dying and react like this.

Cats are fascinating animals that have been with humans for thousands of years. So they talk to humans in three different ways, one of which is not very visible. Their enigmatic behavior and acute sensitivity have earned them a reputation for being able to predict the future, especially death.

What is intuition in animals?

Animal intuition refers to the ability of animals to detect changes in their environment. And it does so even before humans are aware of it.

Indeed, animals such as cats, dogs, horses and birds are known to be able to predict events. For example, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Animals’ ability to detect subtle changes in their environment may also be due to their sense of smell, hearing and other senses.

How true is this widely held belief?

There is no clear answer to this question. However, there is some evidence to suggest that cats can perceive signals that we ignore or do not understand.

For example, some cats have been observed to behave unusually before a natural disaster occurs.

Cats that lick people for various reasons have highly developed senses. They can detect changes in air pressure, temperature, sound or ground vibrations.

Another case that has attracted attention is that of a cat living in a retirement home that seems to know when one of the residents is going to die.

Cats can sense death

A cat comes into the room of a terminally ill patient and stays with him until he dies. And it does so by meowing in a peculiar way.

Some experts believe the cat can smell chemicals released by the human body as death approaches, such as acetone or ethanol.

These examples do not prove that cats have a sixth sense or supernatural abilities. But that they are able to interpret information that we cannot or do not process.

So cats are very sensitive and empathetic animals that can sense the mood and health of the people they live with. It is therefore not unusual for them to become more affectionate or protective when they sense that something is wrong.

Although there have been anecdotal reports of strange cat behaviour before tragedy strikes, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that cats are able to predict future events.

Animal intuition is a fascinating topic that is still being researched. Therefore, we must be careful when interpreting animal behaviour.

If you have a cat, the best thing you can do is to take care of it and ensure that it is always safe.

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