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How to Make a Butterfly Bookmark Using a Tula Xii Deco Kiss Set

I’ve never claimed to be crafty, but I love the Deco KISS sets offered by Tula Xii…

So I enlisted the help of my daughter to find something that we could use these beautiful papers to create. Bonus points for giving us something to do together! That’s sometimes hard to do with a tween. 😉 She’s finished with virtual school for the year (hallelujah!) so I’m hoping she will continue to find more projects for us this summer.

Our first project is making these adorable Butterfly Bookmarks. Can you tell that she also is an avid reader? She made a bunch of these bookmarks knowing that she has plenty of books to use them on! The librarians will be happy to have less dog-eared pages on the library books too. 🙂

Step by Step Instructions (thanks to Little Miss) – With Pictures!

The first step is of course to choose your paper! Whether you’re looking for spring designs, floral prints, or patriotic designs, we have something for you! Check out our latest Deco KISS sets on my Tula Xii website. You do want a double-sided paper though as both sides of the paper ultimately show on the finished product.

Step 1: Cut out a 7×11 cm piece of paper and place flat in front of you.

(Note: when choosing which side of the paper you want to show more of, the color facing up will show up more and the color/pattern on the bottom will show up in the background.)

We have a variety of decorative sets for you to choose from. We chose the Owl set, which is one of her favorites.


Step 2: Fold paper in half (like a hot dog bun) and then open the paper back up.

This was how Little Miss said the folds were explained in her art class. 🤣 But it totally makes sense…fold in half so the paper is skinny and looks kind of like a hot dog bun.



Step 3: Fold paper in half (like a hamburger). Leave folded.

This time, you’re going to fold the paper to make it more like a square (hamburger bun). You’re never going to think of folding paper differently again. 🤣



Step 4: With the opening facing you, fold top corners towards the center (like making a paper airplane). Then do the same thing on the same corners, but on the backside.

Can I just say it might be helpful to have skinny fingers like Little Miss. I’m not so sure I would have found this as easy as she did. 😉


Step 5: Open corners up again.

Yep, we are back to that hamburger fold. See…I told you you’ll never forget that comparison again!




Step 6: Now, slide your finger into the opening on the right side and put your index finger on the top right corner. Lightly push down until the paper folds towards the center. Crease edges. It should look like a house with an extra large chimney (this final step isn’t shown…the last picture is at the end of Step 7). 


Step 7: Flip paper over. Repeat step 6, folding the opposite side of the paper. It should now look like a house with no chimney (shown above).


Step 8: Make a small pencil mark about half a centimeter away from the edge on both sides at the bottom. Make a fold that goes from the center to the line, on both sides. Now fold it backwards and then let it sit in its original position.

You don’t have to make the pencil marks…live on the edge a little bit and just go for it! It’s just paper after all.



Step 9: Slide your finger in between a corner and push the inner corner in until it folds inwards. Do the same thing on the
other corner.


Step 10: Turn paper upside down. With the triangle tip pointing towards you, take a corner and fold it down towards
the bottom. Do the same thing on the other side.



Step 11: You’re all done!! Place your butterfly bookmark on the corner of the page and enjoy!





If you are more of a visual learner, you can watch this demo on my YouTube channel as well. I’d love to see your finished product! Feel free to show us your creation in our Chaos Coordinator Community. Until next time, coordinate that chaos!


~ Teresa Stone ~

Independent Brand Ambassator, Tula Xii