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Deadly bridge causes hundreds of dogs to commit suicide

This puzzling story happened in Scotland. No one has been able to solve the riddle of this mysterious bridge called the Overtoun Bridge. Many owners and their dogs have passed by this place and had a terrible experience. But why do canines jump under the bridge? We’ll tell you right now!

This bridge is the object of the suicides of several dogs!

About thirty kilometers from Glasgow in the town of Dumbarton is the Overtoun Bridge. A murderous bridge that has received this bad reputation since the 50s. In total, it has already taken the lives of 600 dogs according to reports in the New York Times.

Everything is going well until the dogs go over the so-called bridge. They have the same gesture and that is to throw themselves into the void. According to statistics, some breeds are more likely to commit suicide than others.

Deadly bridge causes hundreds of dogs to commit suicide
Source : Capture Instagram

The colleys and long-nosed dogs are the most numerous to jump under the bridge. The bridge rises to a height of almost 15 meters. It is therefore normal that some dogs lose their lives because of the fall.

According to the inhabitants of the city, almost fifty dogs among others died due to the fall. A witness who was walking his Golden Retriever on the bridge told the Daily Mail about his bad experience. The man and his family were walking on the bridge when all of a sudden their dog threw itself underneath.

The reason for this phenomenon!

For a long time, no one has been able to explain what could cause dogs to jump into the void. As a result, everyone started to come up with their own theory. Some have come to believe that canine suicides are related to a supernatural phenomenon.

On the other hand, some people decided to look for more tangible explanations. Thus, many people claim that dogs do not give themselves up to death. Dr. Sands, a canine behaviorist psychologist and forensic professional from England, has given more explanations on this subject.

In particular, he gave more details in an article published on the platform of his institution. According to the doctor, it is difficult for dogs to commit suicide. In addition, an animal habitat specialist from the “Royal Society for the Protection of Birds” made a great discovery.

Davis Sexton found traces of mice, squirrels and other animals at the foot of the bridge. It is the smell left by them that attracts the attention of the dogs. They are therefore obsessed, go mechanically towards the smell and end up throwing themselves into the void.

Deadly bridge causes hundreds of dogs to commit suicide
Source : Capture Instagram

Dogs: A dangerous bridge to avoid!

This world is full of mysteries that we may not be able to solve. But concerning the deadly dog bridge, rational explanations have finally appeared. However, vigilance is required, whatever the reason for this phenomenon.

If you want to bring your canine to Scotland, you should avoid crossing the Overtoun Bridge at all costs. An accident can happen. And above all, take care of your dog.

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