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Dog barks at pregnant owner, doctor forced to call police after ultrasound

For a long time, canids were considered the closest domestic animal to humans. They bond easily with their masters. They are also devoted and their loyalty is second to none. This story is about a couple, Shanna and Ricky, and a dog. They lived happily and peacefully together until the day their young mistress became pregnant. We bring you more details in the following paragraphs!

This dog started acting strangely after his mistress was pregnant!

Shanna and Ricky are perfect for each other and have been together for years. Her husband had a somewhat mysterious past, but that didn’t stop his wife from falling under his spell. So it was no surprise when the couple decided to start a family.

Shanna soon became pregnant and was expecting her first child a few months after the wedding. This is where things got complicated between her and her dog Keola. The latter began to change his attitude towards his lover.

The dog, of course, couldn’t help licking Shanna’s belly. But that’s not all! The animal also started barking at the belly of the mom-to-be. Needless to say, the couple had a hard time understanding the reasons for these behavioral changes from their dog.

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Shanna couldn’t leave things as they were. So she decided to trust her dog and began to worry about the baby’s health. The young woman therefore took the decision to see a doctor to have peace of mind.

Law enforcement officers got involved!

The doctors performed several tests on Shanna. However, they found nothing of concern for the health of the mother or the unborn child. However, the dog always behaved the same way.

The couple figured that everything would work out in the end and that the dog would calm down sooner or later. However, Shanna suddenly felt terrible pain at the level of her back at 23 weeks of pregnancy. Her husband didn’t hesitate for a second and took her to the hospital.

What the police dog found on the first day of work surprised everyone

Traffic was not playing in their favor at all. Ricky decided to call an ambulance because he was running out of time. Especially since Shanna seemed to be suffering unbearably.

But things took a different turn when the couple arrived at the emergency room. The doctor who had treated Shanna at the police station after performing an ultrasound had called. Ricky had to go to the police station to identify the suspects.

The reason for the dog’s strange behavior!

The couple didn’t understand what was going on, but the doctor and the police took their time to clear things up. During the ultrasound, the doctor found a medical chip in Shanna’s abdomen. This electronic gadget is supposed to regulate drug treatment. So the dog knew from the start that his owner’s life was in danger.

Thanks to the dog’s six senses, the doctors were able to remove the chip from Shanna’s stomach in time. At the moment, the little family is safe and sound. The couple were able to expand their family with the birth of little Giulia.

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