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Dog chases cat up tree, will soon regret it

The dog that chased the cat up the tree ended up regretting his decision. All the networks are talking about what happened.

It is well known that cats have incredible climbing skills. You’ve probably heard many times about the rescue of a kitten that mischievously found itself in a dead end and the firemen helped it down so it could continue its adventure.

But hearing about a dog that ended up at the top of a tree seems not only surprising but unheard of.

This is a German Shepherd who trapped a cat on top of a tree.

This is a classic story about the playful rivalry between dogs and cats. The German Shepherd took the chase so far that it caused his feline enemy to end up at the top of a tree.

The dog was then several meters away from him, while neither animal could move.

Source : Capture Instagram

Firemen are quickly arrived to save both animals, one scared and fearing his end, the other brave and determined to complete his mission.

The Lathrop Manteca County Fire Department released several photos of the strange rescue.

“We’re glad to hear that everything went well with this dog, and we’re sure he’ll think twice about chasing cats up the next tree.”

Source : Capture Instagram

Caution Most of the attention was focused on the naughty dog. The dog even got a photo opportunity at the end of the rescue operation.

Many users began to question the cat’s fate after the photos were posted on his page. Facebook Did it survive its determined attacker?

Did this cat finally survive her determined attacker?

They did everything necessary to make sure the dog was in good health. Firefighters also had to respond to a flood of messages from cat lovers who couldn’t wait to hear about his fate.

Source : Capture Instagram

So the firemen are pleased to announce that he escaped without injury. The cat is actually fine and can continue to save one of his seven lives the next day.

Thanks to his climbing skills, he escaped unscathed and will be very careful. The chase ended with an emergency rescue.

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