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Dying woman says goodbye to her parrot, the bird’s reaction is heartbreaking

Margaret was a gentle and kind person who always loved animals. She had a special bond with many creatures. Especially Charlie, the African grey parrot she adopted for more than 50 years. Throughout the years, they always supported each other in the face of life’s hardships. However, life took a tragic turn for this lady as she was sadly dying! Her best friend, however, made sure that her last moments were both special and heartbreaking.

Parrot: A painful separation!

After the death of her husband, Margaret learned. Mrs. Margaret was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had only a short time to live!

But despite her serious illness, Margaret was still determined to stay with her parrot Charlie for as long as possible. She never wanted to show him an ounce of weakness until his weakened physical condition betrayed her. She no longer had the strength to care for herself, let alone her friend.

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So Margaret took the sad decision to return her parrot to the bird sanctuary. And as for herself, she decided to help out at the retirement home. Still, she misses it most of the time and feels too lonely.

Sara, the head of the association, was Margaret’s only friend who could understand how she felt. The two women soon became very close. And the old lady calmly confided in him everything that was troubling her.

What an extraordinary meeting!

Sarah had the opportunity to hear a wonderful story about Margaret and her parrot Charlie. Charlie then asked her friend for a favour. She wanted the nurse to help her so she could see her pet again.

Bedridden, Margaret was surprised when the staff took her parrot to her room. Like his mistress, Charlie had trouble staying put when he saw his mistress again. He kept circling her and making loud noises to express his excitement and joy.

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They made the most of their reunion hugging each other like nothing was in their way. Margaret showered the parrot with kisses as if she doubted that this moment of intimacy would be the last for both of them. Because Charlie had to be taken back to the shelter, it was difficult for the staff to separate them.

The emotions in the room were palpable for both Margaret and the parrot, as well as the charity staff. After a while, the old lady was finally ready to let her friend go. Then Charlie spoke the words. “I love you.” as he walked away.

Parrot: Touching story!

These words moved Margaret even more because she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. With tears in her eyes, she told the parrot that she loved him with all her heart too. Then the staff took the animal out of his room. All the staff in the room were upset to see such a scene and especially Sarah.

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In the heat of emotion, he decided not to separate Charlie and Margaret. The old lady needed to spend her last days with her parrot. But when she returned to her room to announce her decision, Margaret was dead. Even though it was too late, Sara was still glad she could aggravate her patient’s last wishes.

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