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Firefighters think of the rescue of 8 puppies in the sewer and understand their serious mistake

Firefighters have always been a great help in protecting and rescuing people and animals. That’s what this group of rescuers in Colorado Springs experienced. They rushed to the scene where they were alerted that 8 puppies were trapped in a sewer.

These firefighters rescued puppies in distress!

For years, Blue Light personnel around the world have demonstrated extraordinary work. Paramedics and firefighters alike go the extra mile every day. They put their own lives at risk to save lives.

Firefighters contribute to restoring safety by their very existence. Both must respond differently and show their sense of creativity to every situation. Such was the case when a team of firefighters faced a horrific incident.

One person contacted them because they heard about the eight black puppies stuck in the canal. According to this person, the animals were just born. She also claimed they were black Labradors that were left in the pipe by their owner.

Source : Capture Instagram

Alone and abandoned, it was obvious that the puppies needed immediate help. This is where a group of firefighters came into the picture. They rushed to the scene to help them, not thinking the situation would be delicate.

The firefighters made a big mistake!

The rescue of the eight puppies went smoothly. According to CBS, the dogs made it out safe and sound. They were later transferred to the Humane Society animal rescue organization in the Pikes Peak area.

That’s when the firefighters knew they had made a big mistake. Eight little Labrador puppies are actually a different creature altogether. They’re not even dogs.

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One of the zookeepers at the establishment claimed that the firefighters were completely wrong. The animals they believed were puppies were actually foxes. In fact, they were red foxes.

Source : Capture Instagram

Firefighter Brian Vaughan endorsed him on CBS Denver. It is also common for foxes to live in the area near the Rocky Mountains. And this is the spot where the mother of the one the firefighters removed for the pups left them.

Puppies: back in the drop cage!

The firefighters, after seeing their mistakes, found a solution. They did indeed recover the animals they took for puppies in the outflow tube. “These animals will be returned to where we found them,” said Travis Sauder.

The director of Colorado Parks made the gesture in hopes that the mother fox will find her cub. But if she doesn’t turn up, other arrangements will be made. They will take the so-called pups to an approved wildlife rehabilitation center.

These firefighters rescued what they thought were puppies from a storm drain… but they turned out to be red foxes!

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