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For geniuses only: if you find the letter “B”, you have a hawk’s-eye view.

For visual challenges, a viral puzzler is becoming increasingly popular to help you pass the time and see if you can make it.

In this case, it’s discovering the letter « B » hidden between the letters  « D ».something seemingly simple, but not for everyone.

Try to overcome it!

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What is the puzzle?

The Logic Puzzles are hobbies or games that involve finding the solution to a puzzle or the hidden meaning of a sentence using only intuition and reasoning. And not based on the possession of certain knowledge. The difference with riddles is that riddles pose a puzzle in the form of a rhyme and are usually aimed at children.

Solving the most common riddles To solve the most common riddles you must use your imagination and deductive skills. The solution must be found by simply stating the proposition, so no questions are allowed.

The world’s oldest riddle

Even our ancestors offered challenges to test logical and thinking skills with complex and interesting puzzles. The Sumerians, a people located in what is now Iraq and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, left us one of the world’s first riddles. 4,000 years ago, the Sumerians posed the following riddle:

There is a house. You go in blind and you come out seeing. Why is that?

In 1960, E. I. Gordon published 25 riddles translated from ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets, including this one. Can you answer it?

The solution: it’s a school. The Sumerians attached great importance to the acquisition of education and knowledge. To them, school was a place where one entered without knowledge and exited full of it; in short, where one entered blind and exited seeing. Nice metaphor, don’t you think?

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