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Formula 1, the Verstappen shock: the Dutch champion leaves everyone speechless ….

Max Verstappen, the Dutch Red Bull driver and two-time Formula One World Champion, has spoken openly about his future and made a sensational revelation.

Over a year ago, there was a thrilling face-off in Formula 1 between Max Verstappen E Lewis Hamilton. The duel, which ended in a last-minute Grand Prix season, saw Abu Dhabidi overtake the Dutchman on his English rival in the penultimate laps.

And Monde which sparked a feud that lasted for some time. The fate of this World Championship, however, is different. There is no way this season will be played to the last corners. In fact, it had only one master: again, the Dutch champion, who had already won his second title several Grand Prix before.

Verstappen, shocking revelations about his own future

Furthermore, Max is on course to break the record for most wins in a single season, specifically the thirteen he holds. Michael Schumacher. Meanwhile, the Dutch star has not only won the drivers’ title, but also offered the constructors’ title to his red bull.

Source : Capture Instagram

In short, it looks like Max has what it takes to dominate Formula 1 for a few more years, assuming he doesn’t decide to hang up his helmet before then. A scenario that many believe could be quite remote, although the Dutch driver isn’t giving the moment much away.

Speaking on his career in front of Sky Sport’s microphones, the champion said of his future behind the wheel of a Formula One monopoly: ” […] My career could be very long, but I don’t see myself racing before 40, there are other things I would like to do. I’m enjoying what I’m doing now a lot, I’d like to be competitive for a few more years and I have a contract until 2028. After that, it will all depend on how things develop. I might try a few different experiences in motorsport because it’s important to try other things.

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