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He discovers a wild fox about to attack the cat, but is surprised by its reaction.

He is a fisherman who lives on Lake Van in eastern Turkey. One day, while working, he came across a fox and a stray cat. Suddenly, things take an unexpected turn…

The fox didn’t attack the cat ! When the fisherman saw the fox’s harmless attitude, he continued to watch them. Then he discovered that the two animals were actually very good friends.

The fisherman continued to watch the two friends enjoying themselves, while taking several photographs to document this special friendship. Since then, the fisherman has watched the friendship between this fox and cat grow stronger and stronger.

The fox and the cat are truly inseparable

That’s why he and other local fishermen continue to feed both animals. And they watch them play and have fun together.

In the beginning, when the fishermen saw the fox approaching the cat, they thought it might hurt it. But there was never any cause for concern. For it is obvious that they love each other. They are always in each other’s company and always looking out for each other.

Before such people, all rules fall away. where predator and prey can become inseparable companions.

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Nature has a tendency to surprise us, and although it sometimes seems that humans do not deserve the kindness of animals, animals do not spare us the tenderness and message of tolerance that they offer like few others. This fox and cat are perfect examples of this.

So this man witnessed a scene similar to the one we’re describing, full of tenderness and, most importantly, very unexpected.

Their happiness is so overwhelming that he can’t control himself and it is the fox himself who approaches his feline best friend to play with him.

It’s amazing!

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