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He installs a camera and finds out what his cat does to him at night, it’s scary!

He installs a camera and finds out what his cat does to him at night, it’s scary!

A few months ago, a young man started having problems sleeping. In addition, he woke up with chest pains. So he started filming what happens during his sleep. And then he discovered something unthinkable with his cat.

It all started when a few months ago. This man was actually waking up with terrible chest pains and allergies. As a rule, his cat never touched his face and rarely slept with him.

However, he was still suspicious and decided to install a hidden camera to watch the cat while it slept.

To his great surprise, the videos revealed his cat’s potentially dangerous behavior. He found that Achie had a habit of settling comfortably on his face.

Source : Capture Instagram

The cat slept with him every night

“I’m used to the cat snuggling up to me. But I didn’t expect it to completely cover my face during sleep,” the owner said on his Twitter account.

Source : Capture Instagram

The video actually shows the cat gently climbing onto its owner’s chest. Before it gently lands on its owner’s face.

Source : Capture Instagram

It is true that cats are generally adorable creatures. They also often behave in a way that makes them genuine and truly special. In the past, several British studies looked at three reasons why cats sleep on their owners:

Cats have a temperature of approximately 38.6 °C. Therefore, they seek the warmest corners of the house. When they sleep, they actually have to lie down there to keep warm. Therefore, they usually fall asleep in places exposed to sunlight, above the refrigerator or on the radiator. But also on the parts of the body that emit the most heat: the limbs and the head.

For the same reason, if we don’t feel well on some part of our body, our cat will also sleep there. These areas tend to emit more heat.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. If you want to read more similar articles, we recommend visiting the Animals category.

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