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He makes his dog believe he can’t see her anymore, the Golden Retriever’s reaction is hilarious (video)

This man pretended not to see his dog and the golden retriever reacted in a funny way. The details!

Any canine enthusiast has probably noticed how much dogs love to be the center of attention. Therefore, it would be difficult for them to assimilate the fact that their owners no longer see them. That’s what Nala experienced for a brief moment! However, the dog did her best to get her owner to notice her! However, it was really just a joke!

Dog: Chris’ confusing joke!

Chris Lindamood is both the owner and best friend of Nala, a 4 year old Golden Retriever. They share such a strong bond that it has become a habit for the two to bicker from time to time. One day, Chris decided to play a trick on his dog to see how she would react.

So he pretended not to see her anymore. Then, he made sure to have his head out of place by pretending to look for the dog. And at the same time, he calls her name to tease her more.

Source : Capture Instagram

« Nala, where are you? Nala, where did you go? » he shouted. On the other hand, Chris didn’t want to miss any of the action either. So he recorded his dog’s reaction on video.

Afterwards, he shared the footage on his Tik Tok account. He wrote as a caption on the publication the sentence: “I think I almost convinced her that she was lost”. Indeed, the dog was confused by the situation.

Nala tries to get her owner’s attention!

Faced with her owner’s unusual behavior, the dog was confused. She did not understand the situation and yet she did not give up. Nala tried everything to get Chris’ attention.

First, she stood in front of him to help him see things a little more clearly. If the dog could talk, you’d think she’d want to tell him that she wasn’t far away but right in front of him. But her attempt was not successful, so she tried another approach.

Source : Capture Instagram

The dog who starts to lose patience jumps on him. She even tries to get his attention by grabbing his shirt. Then, Nala made loud sounds to get Chris’ attention.

But since nothing seemed to work, the dog had to find another solution. She decided to leave Chris for a moment and then turn back, bringing him her toy. Seeing all her efforts, her daddy finally decides to stop the joke by showing her that he sees her perfectly.

Dog : The recording was a sensation on the Internet!

The dog was obviously relieved to see that it was only a joke. For good reason, she kept wagging her tail to show her contentment. Nala was overjoyed that she was no longer invisible. As for Chris, he was also happy to get to know his Golden Retriever a little better.

@adventuringwithnalaI think I almost convinced her she was lost

♬ original sound – Chris and Nala

Since its publication until now, the sequence has been seen a million times on the web. Specifically, it has received more than 1.7 million “likes” on the Tik Tok platform. Many cybernauts found the reactions of the dog funny. This is especially what they shared in the comments.

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