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He pays more than 2,000 euros for this dog, but is surprised when he reaches adulthood.

Pet fraud has become commonplace. Fraudsters often use manipulated photos or videos to deceive potential buyers. Recently, a British couple shared their experience with their dog. It turned out that the dog was not what they expected. Read the full story below!

The dog was not a Pomeranian!

Recently, a British couple shared their unpleasant experience buying a Pomeranian puppy. which turned out to be a German Spitz. The couple paid over 2,000 euros for an animal that had all the characteristics of a Pomeranian.

The owners began documenting the growth of their puppy on TikTok. They shared videos and photos of the adorable little furball as it grew. However, things did not go as planned.

Over time, the dog grew up and something wasn’t right with him… the owners began to notice changes to his appearance. The dog‘s mouth was getting longer and his ears were standing on his head instead of being hidden in his fur. This eventually led the couple to question the breed of their pet.

Source : Capture Instagram

This story is unfortunately not an isolated case, as many pet owners have fallen victim to similar scams. Namely, by buying a dog or cat that did not match the breed they purchased.

A husband and wife have fallen victim to a scam!

Growing up, the dog began to show signs that undermined their confidence in his breed... After consulting with experts, the owners discovered that their Pomeranian puppy was actually a German Spitz.

German Spitz are larger and more robust dogs than Pomeranians. Although their breed also belongs to the Spitz family, it has a completely different appearance. The main differences are in their physical appearance.

The owners are disappointed they didn’t buy a true Pomeranian, but decided to love their dog regardless of its breed. The couple shared their story on social media in an effort to warn future puppy buyers.

Therefore, the couple is warning future dog buyers to be careful when purchasing a pet. They recommend checking the breeder’s certification to avoid fraud. The couple says, “They will ask you for stupid money and in 90% of the cases, unfortunately, they will cheat you.”

Dog-related scams are common!

Puppy and pet fraud has become common. Dog owners should be careful when buying a pet. Indeed, it is easy to be duped by unreliable breeders looking to make a quick buck.

The story of this British couple who fell victim to fraud provides lessons for future homeowners. It shows that prospective pet owners need to be cautious and informed when buying pets.

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