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He takes his dog to his favorite mountain for one last adventure.

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, as evidenced by Carlos Fresco, a man who took his cancer-stricken dog to the top of a mountain in a wheelbarrow so that the animal could experience the greatest adventure alongside him.

Fresco and his 10-year-old Labrador retriever dog Monty hiked various mountains in the area. Due to the dog’s condition, the man decided to use the wheelbarrow to take his best friend for walks in the places they visited before his life changed completely.

Sadly, 18 months ago Monty was diagnosed with cancer. When Carlos learned that his dog didn’t have many days to live, he decided to go on one last adventure.

At first, he responded well to the chemotherapy. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, the leukemia returned. His health then began to deteriorate rapidly,” Carlos told Wales Online.


As the days passed, Fresco noticed his pet’s health deteriorating. Their last trip together was to climb Pen y fan, a mountain in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

The photos show that the dog was very happy. According to his owner, he has always been very friendly and enjoyed meeting people.

He takes his dog to his favorite mountain for one last adventure.
Source : Capture Instagram

As they made their way along the track, surprised passers-by offered to help them push the wheelbarrow to the top.

Fresco adds: “To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the kindness they showed us: strangers took the time to greet us and help us get it to the top.


After enjoying the view and reaching the top with the help of the people on site, we both took the opportunity to take a photo of this beautiful moment.

However, Monty’s health was deteriorating day by day. A few days after the walk, he lost his life. “He crawled into bed with me, snuggled at my feet, and when I woke up he was gone. I think his heart failed. But he seemed calm, and I was happy that we had an adventure together,” Fresco says.

Monty will always be a part of Fresco’s life, which is why the man took him to his London home and decided to bury him in his garden.

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