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He thinks he has found a wasp’s nest and turns pale when he sees what it really is.

James hears his son Liam screaming from the attic. Without hesitation, he runs up the stairs. No one has been in the attic for a long time. After calming his son down, Jack goes to see what’s in the attic closet. At the top of the stairs, James suddenly turned pale. This was indeed no ordinary nest. It was much more serious than he thought. It was indeed a hornet’s nest.

Liam tearfully pointed his finger at the closet where he had discovered the nest. James had expected the nest to be there, as the previous owner had mentioned that he often encountered this problem. However, this hornet’s nest turned out to be very different from the others.

The hornet’s nest was very large

James opened the cupboard and then was shocked by what he saw. The nest was very large indeed and James was shaking all over. The huge hornets nest scared him, it was so huge. It was no ordinary nest at all. Liam claimed he was protecting something in his giant nest.

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James intended to catch the nest and throw it out the window. He was almost to the hornets… when suddenly he was stung by hundreds of hornets. Then he quickly jumped up and fainted.

“What happened?” James asked. James had a concussion and his memory was blurred.

Liam knew he had to deal with the hornets, so he devised a plan.

Liam’s plan

Liam had all the equipment he neededBut he didn’t want his mother in the house. His mother had to go out, so Liam took advantage of the situation and went to the attic with a fumigator.

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There were a lot more hornets than he thought. Liam pushed the fumigator through the hatch and started fumigating.

The hornets were even more aggressive.

They felt threatened and the sound of their wings grew louder. Liam’s heart pounded in his chest as he continued to smoke everything. He saw the hornets emerge from the hive and fly wildly. It worked, the hornets were really weak.

Looking at the nest, he realized that this was no ordinary hornets’ nest. It was something bigger.

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The nest was as big as a car tire. Liam couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He’d never seen anything like it. It was terrifying, but at the same time so beautiful! All those little holes and tunnels. The closer he got to the centre of the nest, the more hornets he saw. It looked like they were all stacked on top of each other, covering what was in the middle.

Liam had to finish what he started. He opened the window and grabbed the nest without hesitation. He threw it out the window before any more hornets could sting it.

Liam’s mother arrived

“What’s wrong?” Emma pointed to the nest. She noticed something in the middle. Something was sticking out of it. James pushed away parts of the nest and paled when he realized what he was looking at. It was something he had hidden in the attic a long time ago.

Emma opened the door and ran to her husband. “How could you do this to me, James? How could you lie to me like that?” She shouted at her husband, taking the object from his hand. “I told you years ago to get rid of it!

The hornets were protecting Emma’s childhood doll. Emma had always hated the doll, but it had sentimental value to James. So his wife was a little superstitious and thought the doll had negative energy. James didn’t believe her and kept it in the attic. Eventually, it was time to say goodbye. James wrapped the doll in towels and burned it.

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