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Here are the real reasons why cats lick their owners.

Many people ask why cats lick their owners’ hands. The answer is that there are many reasons. Including issues of love and loyalty similar to how cats lick each other.

Let’s start by talking about the cat’s tongue. It’s a fundamental part of the animal, covered with hundreds of sharp spines, papillae. That’s why it’s so rough when they lick our hands. The tongue has many functions. For example, when feeding, it’s very useful for scraping meat off the bones of prey.

The first analysis of why cats lick their owners’ hands should be to understand why cats lick each other. The most important factors are coat maintenance, emotional attachment, and odor perception.

Why do cats lick their owners?

  • Affection: cats have many ways of communicating with humans. One of them is licking. When we pet a cat and it licks our hand and purrs, we can be pleased. It means she likes us and is happy with us.
  • Sweat: Incredibly, some cats like the slightly salty taste of sweat. So this may be another reason why the cat licks our hand.
  • Territory: Cats are very territorial animals. That may be why they want to mark us. Their sense of smell is particularly strong. So when they lick, they leave small scent particles.
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When a cat licks itself, it expects a human to respond. And it is always advisable to give him this pleasure to make him feel loved. To show him that we love him, we should also stroke him with our free hand. We can also brush him with a soft brush.

Animals love their owners

In both dogs and cats, affection for humans can be an adaptation of the bond between offspring and caregiver.

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“Felines that don’t feel safe tend to run, hide or become distant. ” For a long time it was thought that all cats behaved this way. However, most cats look to their owners as a source of security. When your cat is stressed, it really depends on you for security.

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