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Heroic dog saved his owner’s life from a cougar attack

This heroic dog saved his owner’s life from a violent cougar attack

Dogs have repeatedly proven their kindness and loyalty to their owners. Indeed, they will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting their beloved humans. Even to the extent of risking their own lives. This is especially true for this heroic dog. He didn’t hesitate to come to his owner’s aid when she was attacked by a cougar. Find out what happened in the following lines!

Dog: A walk that turns into a drama!

Erin Wilson is an American living in Trinity County, California. She is the proud owner of a dog named Eva, a 2.5 year old Belgian Malinois Shepherd.

As usual, the pair were enjoying a relaxing walk by the river. However, the relaxing walk quickly turned into a nightmare… Erin and her dog’s day became a life and death struggle in no time.

According to a Sacramento Bee report, Erin was attacked by a feral cat. The cougar appeared out of nowhere and tried to… get to the young woman. And this when he was only around her and the dog.

Source : Capture Instagram

In a panic, Erin asked her dog to come rescue her. Eva, who was faithful to her owner, did not hesitate a moment and ran to her. The furry little ball had had enough. courage to stand up to the cougar.

A fierce confrontation between Eva and Puma!

According to Erin, she used all her strength to hit the wild cat. She also tried her best to distract it. As for the dog, he pounced on the cougar without a second’s hesitation.

However, the cougar gained the upper hand by grabbing the dog’s skull. This caused the dog great pain. Erin did not give up, she retaliated by throwing sticks and stones at the big cat.

At the same time, Erin miraculously spots a nearby driver. He has arrived to help save the life of a young woman and her dog. To accomplish this, he must douse the wild animal with pepper spray.

This hit convinces the cougar to abandon the fight. Erin did well and was not seriously injured. However, this was not the case for her dog, who was severely injured on the skull…

Source : Capture Instagram

Dog: Eva is slowly recovering from her injuries!

Erin shared with the Sacramento Bee that her dog had some scratches on her face. However, in addition to that, she was also bleeding heavily from her mouth. Eva was later rushed to the emergency room where she received the necessary treatment.

Her condition was quite critical, yet the heroic dog came out of this unfortunate adventure safely. Erin had to start a GoFundMe fundraiser to help pay for Eva’s medical bills. Eva is recovering from her injuries according to the vets.

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