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His dog wows World Cup spectators, steals the show

His dog wows the audience at the World Cup, stealing the show

Elke Boxoen has always been a great lover of animals. She trained with her border collie for more than a year to compete in the FCI World Dog dancing Championships. And their persistence paid off in the end. And the video of the championship left netizens speechless.

Elke Boxoen and her Border Collie dog have come a long way.

Elke Boxoen and her dog Jessy already won a number of trophies before their participation in the World Dogdancing Championships. In 2015, they won. bronze medal at the European Championship in Prague.. The following year they also won the European Champion in the same category.

Additionally, in November 2017, the duo brought back the title of World Freestyle Champion in the same category. Elke Boxoen and her border collie named Jessy are making their first trip to the FCI Dog Dancing World Championship today. And they didn’t come back empty-handed.

The video they shared on the web has garnered more than 6 million views so far. The appearance of Elke and her dog Jessy in the competition was a show of mutual respect. So it’s not just a dance for these two participants.

Source : Capture Instagram

By their actions, they create their own history. They convey their emotions through their choreography. Elke Boxoen loves animals. This can also be seen in the dance she performed at the World Championships with her dog.

Enclose the fruits of their perseverance

Elke Boxoen and her dog Jessy used a mirror frame on wheels for their performance. This allowed Jessy to see and mimic everything her teammate was doing.

Everyone was so curious as to what would happen next. When Elle Boxoen moves, her dog immediately follows. Once she stops, her four-legged ball of fur freezes. He turns and the dog does the same.

All these gestures accompanied by music that made you shiver. Choreographed by Elke Boxoen. She showed off all her skills as a dog trainer.. In addition, he knows his dog’s behavior very well.

We also see that they are perfectly balanced and confident as they dance. Towards the end of the performance, Elke began to run to the mirror. And his dog who did the same. illusion as if they want to collide.. A very performance that melted the hearts of the audience.

Elke Boxoen and his dog, again world champion

And training for more than one yearPhysical exercises, behavior, confidence, etc. Elke Boxoen put everything into training her dog. Moreover, it is thanks to great perseverance that they managed to win the title of World Champion in the Freestyle dog dance category again.

In an interview, Elke Boxoen confides her biggest dream. It’s so she can dance as long as possible with her dog Jessy..

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