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His owner dies on the spot when he is hit by a driver, his dog reacts surprisingly.

His owner dies on the spot from being hit by a driver, her dog reacts in a hallucinatory way

Pets may behave differently when their owner has been the victim of a serious incident. They often stay with their owners as long as possible. However, this dog’s reaction to a serious accident was different!

The dog lost his owner in an unfortunate incident!

Our story took place on 22 March in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. A dog named Patch was on a leisurely walk with his owner. This was a woman who was already quite old, and was also a visually impaired person. !

According to WSMV, a van hit a 50-year-old woman who owned Patch. As the dog was helping his visually impaired owner, he witnessed the entire scene. Moments later, a passerby discovered the victim and decided to act quickly!

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The person who saw the woman’s body turned around and rushed to take the victim to the hospital. A bystander then quickly took the dog’s owner to Skyline Medical Center. Unfortunately, she did not survive and authorities pronounced her dead soon after!

The dog who witnessed the death of its owner made a surprising decision. Patch decided to leave the scene of the horrific accident some time after it happened. No one expected to find the victim’s pet there!

The animal makes a surprising decision!

It is worth noting that the dog did not suffer any injuries, although there was an accident with his owner. Faced with this situation, the animal decided to leave the scene of the incident without any help from anyone. The dog immediately walked towards his house. To its owner’s apartment, to be precise!

After entering the apartment complex, the dog parks itself in front of the door of the deceased woman’s neighbors. Nashville police officers seized the animal and are releasing this information. Officers say Patch was completely unharmed!

Thanks to this good reflex, authorities were able to spot and deal with Patch. Indeed, the dog was immediately taken to a shelter. MACC (Metro Animal Care and Control). The animal might not have been noticed if it had decided to go elsewhere after the terrible accident!

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MACC officers were trying to locate family members of the deceased owner. Unfortunately, this search was unsuccessful and they had to decide what to do with the dog. The dog was sent to Medical Mutts Service Dogs to become a service animal!

The dog will end up in an institution that suits him!

Sending Patch to Medical Mutts Service Dogs was not a sudden decision. In fact, MACC officials discovered that the dog was helping his visually impaired owner. They concluded that sending him to an association that trains service animals. was a good initiative.

The people working at Medical Mutts Service Dogs have high hopes for Patch. One that is already used to accompany a visually impaired woman will then be easy to train. They think he will make a very good service dog. for his next owner!

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