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Horses enjoying the spa conquer social networks

Beautiful photos! These are horses Albert and Ernie. One summer day they wanted their owner to pamper them a little more than usual. So the horse trainer decided to organize a spa day for her lovely animals.

The horses enjoy the spa

According to trainer Emma Massingale, it was the horses themselves who wanted a little more pampering. So she organised a spa day for them, which included a bath and grooming.

The horses had also been asking for a spa day for a long time, according to Emma. When the big relaxation day came, the animals were six and seven years old.

Happy public

The video has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube over the years and people love it.

It’s amazing to see how much these animals trust their owners,” wrote one commenter on the video.

Source : Capture Instagram

These are the best cared for horses I have ever seen,” another person wrote.

What a great day for horses! Pampered and loved, it doesn’t get any better than that, does it? What a wonderful video,” a third person wrote in the comments on the video. It’s true that the horses really enjoy it.

Source : Capture Instagram

3 most interesting facts about them

Here’s one of their most surprising curiosities. Horses actually drink 25 to 55 liters of water a day. Much more than we do, don’t you think? Moreover, this amount varies according to the size and weight of the horse, as well as its activity and location.

Horses do not like to be alone. If they spend too much time without company, they may develop psychological or behavioural problems. Therefore, to avoid this, it is best if they are always with company and do not suffer from any type of disorder.

One of the most striking curiosities is their eyes. Only whales, seals and ostriches have bigger eyes than horses. The position of their eyes also allows for a panoramic view. Watch a video of these horses on their spa day here.

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