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How can dogs improve mental health and reduce stress?

Connecting with pets, especially dogs, can have a positive effect on overall health and well-being. This can be achieved by reducing stress, improving mood, reducing loneliness and increasing opportunities to socialize.

Pets are often part of the family and bring various benefits to their owners who appreciate their presence.

Study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health

Benefits of dogs for mental health
According to experts, here are some of the main benefits that dogs have on human mental health.

1. Provide emotional support
Pets are considered to fill space in the home, in the mind and in the heart. This reduces the feeling of loneliness.

2. Greater sense of responsibility
They also develop a sense of responsibility and care. In addition to being a playmate for children, growing up with a pet is an opportunity to teach them responsibility and respect for animals.

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3. Improve your physical health
Walks and games keep you physically active, especially if you have dogs. This will help you keep your body healthy.

4. Facilitate socialization
They are an opportunity to meet other people who also have pets.

5. Creating Well-Being
Interacting with dogs releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, hormones that create well-being, peace and harmony. Cortisol, a hormone associated with anxiety and stress, also decreases.

6. Stress reduction
Studies have shown that having a dog and petting it often helps reduce feelings of stress. stress and anxiety. Cuddling, playing with animals, walking and even talking to them are recommended to relax the mind and feel good.

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