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How do you know if your cat considers you its mother?

Until now, it has been said that “man’s best friend” is a dog. But what if it isn’t? Due to their docile behavior, it was much easier to conduct various studies than with cats. However, times are changing and today we can find out if the cat thinks of you as its mother.

Cats’ reputation for being cold doesn’t seem to be changing. Thanks to advances in science, we now have a study that focuses on the bond that cats form with their owners to determine. degree of affection they feel.

The premise of this study made it clear that cat behavior is unpredictable. Previously, there was not enough research focused on cognitive activity. So seeing a cat following you around the house, meowing or purring are just guesses as to whether the cat really loves you.

Test to find out if a cat thinks you are its mother

How do you know if a cat really loves you like a mother? This simple study, conducted at the University of Oregon, performed what is called an affection test. This test has previously been used in primates and dogs. However, it is now used with child development criteria. The experiment consisted of 70 kittens being placed with their owners for two minutes and then separated to observe their reactions.

The researchers then divided the cats into two groups. One group consisted of securely attached cats and the other insecurely attached cats. In this way, 60% of the cats showed a secure bond. That is, they showed anxiety after their owners left, but still dared to explore the entire room.

The remaining 30% showed insecurity in their attachments. In other words, they were anxious when their owner left and remained so even after being reunited. This type of behavior, according to the test, shows that all cats are like this after two months.

However, because it is normal for kittens to behave this way, because they are dependent on what they believe to be their mother, a study was also carried out on adult cats and the results were similar.< /p>

How to say “I love you” to your cat?

The study of how to tell if a cat thinks you are its mother may seem far-fetched. However, they are progressing slowly. And in the meantime, you can still have that beautiful relationship with your cat. Also, see how you can tell your cat you love her too!

  • Play with him when he feels like it, or encourage him to play by introducing him to his favorite toys.
  • Cats love to relax and stretch their legs. If you see her behaving like this, don’t disturb her, respect her space and she will thank you.
  • Make sure he doesn’t overeat, don’t leave him a full plate and give him very little when he asks.
  • Keep it clean and tidy.

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