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How do you know if your cat trusts you? 5 signs

A harmonious relationship with your cat requires trust. But how do you build this trust and how do cats show it? Cats are independent and not very transparent. In this article, we’ll explain how you can use five behaviors to tell if your cat trusts you.

You are her safe haven

When it comes to testifying to his trust in man Cats are more introverted than other animals. Rather than wagging their tails and making eye contact with you, cats express their trust in more subtle ways. For example, they engage you in their favorite activity. This makes it more difficult to detect your cat’s signs of trust.

Whether they are young or old, they all like to sleep and instinctively seek a sheltered spot. If your cat chooses your lap, it is clear that she is confident that nothing bad can happen to her in your presence. Appreciate this show of trust.

He’ll show you his belly

Everybody knows how warm and soft a cat’s belly is. If you like to stroke it, don’t forget that it is one of the most sensitive areas of the cat’s body.

Showing it to you is a great honor and one of the most important things. a sign that your cat trusts you. If she lies on her back to show you her belly, she’s quite happy.

Blind trust

Cats observe their surroundings with great precision and can detect danger with their eyes, even in the dark. They only close their eyes when they sleep or when they feel safe. Therefore, a slow blink of the eyes in your direction is a sign of affection and trust.

A wink is like a kiss that you can kiss back in kind. In this way, you will let the other cats know that you are their friend and that you are not a danger to them.

Claim to Ownership

If your cat puts its head on your forehead. or rubs its paw with pleasure, you can consider yourself lucky. He gives you his trust and accepts you as a reference person.


Do you remember the trust and carefree feeling you had as a child? Even cats remember the protection they found in their mothers, especially when they felt safe.

You can recognize your cat’s nostalgic moments when she massages your pillow or even your belly with her paws. Kittens stimulate the flow of mother’s milk by kneading. Adult cats show full trust in humans.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. If you want to read more similar articles, we recommend you visit the Animals category.

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