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How long does a cat remember a human? Answer from the experts

Did you know that cats can remember? In this article, we will explain how their memory works. But also how long something or someone stays in their memory.

Indeed, cats are often thought to be animals that do not feel affection for their owners. However, this is a complete lie. They are indeed very loving pets, they just have their own way of expressing that affection.

A cat is only able to remember things long-term only if they somehow affected its survival. This means that it remembers things and learns from its experiences with the outside world. So the cat remembers what it knows is dangerous, but also what is beneficial for its survival.

Can cats remember humans?

In this sense, yes, cats are able to remember a person. For something to stick in their long-term memory, it had to be very important. So a cat remembers a person with whom it had significant experiences.

In addition, cats have a highly developed sense of smell and are often guided by smell. Therefore, they mark certain places with their own smell. For example, when claws run over a place or rub against it, they leave their smell behind. This will help them remember your presence later.

How long do cats remember their owners?

If you are wondering how long cats remember their owners, the answer depends on how long they remember them. If the owner in question was indifferent to the cat and neglected it, the cat will not remember him for long. If, on the other hand, the owner was an excellent owner who took care of the cat’s every need, the cat will remember him for the rest of his life.

So yes, it is quite possible that a cat remembers its owner for a lifetime. But, as we have already said, only if she lived a significant experience that had an impact on his survival, such as satisfying all his needs.

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