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How often dogs and cats should be bathed to prevent skin diseases

Dogs and cats have a protective barrier in the epidermis (the first layer of the skin) that produces keratin. Keratin seals the skin, makes it stronger and protects it from pathogens. It also regulates body temperature and removes toxins.

Our pets don’t sweat (dogs sweat with the pads of their paws),” explains Estefania Bejarano, veterinarian.

“It is very important to keep our pets clean. Because when they get dirty, they accumulate bacteria or ectoparasites (mites, fleas, ticks and lice, among others). And this is what produces clinical skin lesions such as dermatitis, dermatosis or demodemia. This means that by bathing, we can control them,” said the vet.

Can cats be bathed?

“That depends,” answers animal behaviorist Fredy Alberto Manrique López. According to him, cats groom themselves. However, a long-haired cat needs more care than a short-haired cat. Although in both cases it is necessary to get used to grooming. This is in order to avoid tangles and consequently fungus, bacteria or allergic changes on their skin.

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On the other hand, many people insist that “cats should never be bathed”. However, the vet replies that “not everything is so absolute. The truth is that doing it very often is completely inadequate. You can do it every three months.

What precautions should be taken?

As far as the environment is concerned, the ideal is to carry it out at home. As for soaps, it is good not to use shampoos for humans. But specific products for cats. The products we use can be corrosive to them.

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Is bathing dogs okay?

Yes, but in addition to bathing, it is very important to remember to brush them. Because they have grease on their skin and don’t brush like cats, “this accumulated grease stays on the skin and creates an unpleasant smell”. That’s why it’s important to bathe them because they get dirty, because their fur gets coarse and to remove some of the allergens that remain on their skin,” explains vet Sara Acevedo Castaño.

This should be done every 21 days or every month. And not more often to avoid drying out the pets’ skin. After all, the function of the coat is not only in the fur, but also in the skin.

What precautions should be taken?

As for the environment, it is ideal to be able to take them to a veterinary center, pet store or dog grooming salon that will take care of the process. However, in the case of home bathing, we should avoid putting them in the bath. This is because our pets can transmit fungus, parasites to us.

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