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If you have a dog, you will like it

The mission of dogs in your life: if you have a dog, you will love it

This text is entitled “The mission of dogs in your life”. So if you have a dog, read it, you will love it. Don’t forget to share it with your dog-loving friends on your social networks.

The mission of dogs in your life

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they help us shift our energy when we’re having a sad day. And that they also make us forget about our problems by barking and romping. Also, in other cultures, the dog is a symbol in Chinese and Mayan philosophy. unconditional love. Indeed, it comes to us to activate love and set it in motion. It is the power to live from the heart. Moreover, it is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, justice and righteousness. To live with love towards everything and everyone.

Dogs are creatures of animating love, The Affliction and attention. They are honest, loyal and very faithful.

They are protectors of energy

Dogs are energy protectors Dogs are innate energy protectors. Not only on the earthly but also on the astral plane, a faithful companion even in your dreams. They absorb “bad energies” that you may carry with you or in the environment, becoming great energy transmuters.

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They chose you

More than you think, they choose you, not the other way around. Even if you have the opportunity to “choose”, the puppy that has chosen you will approach you and gain your trust and affection so that you will choose it. Then you will know that you chose well, but that it was not you who chose.

They are the bearers of unconditional love

Dogs are loyal. You will never feel that your dog has forgotten you. He always comes to greet you and wags his tail happily when he sees you. Even if it’s only been five minutes since he stopped seeing you.

They are sensitive to vibrations of all kinds

Dogs are wired for very high vibrations and are incredibly sensitive. They are capable of sensing much more than you can imagine. In fact, they are energy radars, they are always on alert even when you see them at rest.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. To read more articles like this, we recommend visiting the Animals category.

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