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In the hospital for months without being able to see her dog, the nurse breaks the rules

This man waits all day in the hospital to see his dog. He even gets impatient when it’s time for family visits. For good reason, he wants to see his faithful friend again just to give him energy! An extraordinary and very touching story!

Dog: Man’s best friend!

It has been 18 years since and misfortune intervened in the life of Rodolfo Castillo. He was the victim of a terrible motorcycle accident. A tragedy that cost him two lower limbs.

The poor man actually lost the use of his legs and became paralyzed. He’ll need help all his life. That’s where a service dog named Lobo entered the scene six years ago.

This puppy, abandoned and thrown in a sack for health reasons, is fighting for his life

Since the dog’s arrival, Rodolfo Castillo’s life has changed completely. The two protagonists quickly became very close. It is even difficult to separate them.

They have become full-fledged beings who depend on each other. In addition to being a loyal friend, the dog plays an important role in his life. Lobo helps her with tasks such as turning lights on and off and opening cupboards.

Rodolfo missed Lobo terribly!

One day Rodolfo had to go to the hospital to monitor his paralysis. So it was the first time for him and his dog to hip each other. In the beginning, the hospitalization was only supposed to last 10 days.

However, Rodolfo had to stay in the medical facility for over two months. The man thus became bored of his dog. For the latter, separation is also difficult.

During hospitalization, it is comforting to receive visits from relatives. It is one of the most effective ways to restore hope to the patient. But it also helps reverse the exhausting hospital routine.

According to the family of Rodolfo Castillo, his dog started to get depressed and become indifferent since his master’s hospitalization. But regulations prohibit animals from entering the hospital. This is so that patients don’t catch allergies to dogs.

A dog visits its owner!

Rodolfo began asking hospital officials to let his dog visit. After days of insistence, the nurse finally relented. So she decided to break the rules to help the man. Every day he waits impatiently, the family’s reserved time, to see his friend again.

This is the first time the hospital has allowed an assistance dog into its facility. “When I saw him, I felt my heart pounding,” Rodolfo said. He even confessed that seeing Lobo gave him strength. Their reunion moment is very touching and proof that canines are giving people hope again.

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