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Is it good for cats and dogs to live together? Answer from the experts

Although dogs and cats are different species, the development of social behaviour goes through a particularly important period of socialisation. In fact, it is between 3 and 12 weeks for a dog and between 2 and 9 weeks for a cat.

Although it is thought that these animals cannot be in the same place, the truth is that dogs and cats can be best friends. In fact, it will all depend on their proper socialization from a young age.

Socializing dogs and cats when they are young

This does not mean that it is impossible for dogs and cats to coexist. However, the process will be slower, so it’s best not to force their friendship.

So that the arrival of a cat when you already have a dog or vice versa doesn’t give you a headache, we give you these three tips.

First and foremost, it is very important that you meet their individual needs and respect them. For example, a dog or cat needs to control their environment and know where they can hide or escape. On the other hand, your pet needs very clear instructions and procedures to control its behavior.

Second, always keep an eye on them. So you can leave them together and see how they behave in a tense situation. In case of aggression, correct your dog or cat NO. Then positive reinforcement.

Third, their meals must be served in different places. So over time you will no longer have to separate them. You should not allow one to eat the other’s food. Really the most important thing is that the dog and cat respect each other.

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Remember to have a lot of patience while your dog and cat are getting along very well.

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