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Nail designs for cat lovers that will surprise you

Do you like cats? Then dare to show them off on your manicure! Here are 10 nail ideas from simple and subtle to artistically painting your pet.

If you are a cat lover If you are a cat lover and are fascinated by all things feline, then you probably have some accessories and clothes in your wardrobe that are related to the animals you love!

Awesome nail designs for cat lovers

Let your nails be decorated with cats will allow you to show your loving and feminine side. And above all, to show that you are all cat lovers. Cat design ideas include prints of your favorite animals, the most elegant black cat designs, cat heads…

So if you like to innovate and are tired of having the same manicure over and over again, today we bring you ideas that you can do yourself.

Beautiful black cat design, very elegant

Source : Capture Instagram

Kitten faces

Source : Capture Instagram

More color prints and faces.

Source : Capture Instagram

Lucky Cat

Source : Capture Instagram

Cartoon cat

Source : Capture Instagram

Drawings on feet

Source : Capture Instagram

Joyful Patterns

Source : Capture Instagram

Designs in two colors, they are beautiful

Source : Capture Instagram

Various dynamic cat silhouettes

Source : Capture Instagram

Little cat faces

Source : Capture Instagram

How do you know you are a true cat lover?

1. You live with one or more cats

First, you don’t say you “own” a cat. This is because you understood a long time ago that you are not her owner, but her companion.

2. Your house is full of details about your cat

In addition, the decoration of your home includes stuffed animals, books, pictures, figurines… This is especially true if your personal situation does not allow you to live with a cat at the moment. These items help you compensate for their sad absence.

3. You read everything you can get your hands on about kittens.

Finally, when it comes to care, stories, curiosities… you are unbeatable, you know everything. You have truly become an expert on this subject. And now, when someone in your neighborhood has a question about cats, it’s always you they turn to.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. If you want to read more similar articles, we recommend you visit the Animals category.

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